About Us

ALDO Energy, established within ALDO Group in 2014, is an expert energy company that installs solar energy systems from small, medium and large-scale roofs to different types of lands. ALDO Energy, with its technical equipment, performs feasibility studies for solar and wind power plants, supplies materials and equipment as well as engineering services, system design and applications, assembly and commissioning services and turnkey power plant installation. ALDO Energy, operating within ALDO Group, which was established in 1980, will continue to serve in the solar energy sector by benefiting from creative and innovative solutions with its expert and experienced staff.

  • Between 1969-1979, the company started its business life in Kahramanmaraş under the title of Doğanlar San. ve Tic. Koli. Şti., with the production of cotton seed oil, and served in sectors such as the dealership of Agricultural Medicines and Agricultural Products and the dealership of Ford Tractor in Kahramanmaraş.
  • Continuing its commercial activities in Mersin in 1980, the company has engaged in International Transport, Representation, Brokerage trade as ALDO Ticaret between 1980-1983.
  • Between 1983-1996, carried out its activities with Build-Sell constructions in various districts of Mersin, in Ankara Ümitköy between 1996-2000 as ALDO Insaat Ticaret. It has carried out various workplace and housing projects since 2000.
  • In 1996, as the founder of OPAT Automotive, Mersin Volkswagen authorized dealer provides sales, service and spare parts services, Assessment (DOD) Dealership in the purchase and sale of second hand vehicles, Opat Insurance Agency and Opat Auto Interior Design Accessories Services. As a VDF dealer, Opat Otomotiv Volkswagen Dogus Finance also carries out services of finance and lending systems.
  • The four-star, 300-bed Olbios Marina Resort Hotel in Mersin Erdemli, whose construction was started in 2000 by ALDO Insaat TurizmTic.Ltd.Sti and completed in 2003, continues to serve.
  • VELDO Teknoloji Ltd.Sti, which started its R&D work in Mersin Technology Development Zone in 2007, produces Automatic Sliding Door and Sliding Step Systems for commercial vehicles.
  •  With the Tarsus Volkswagen Opat Plaza, which entered service in 2009, service, sales, spare parts and second hand DOD dealership continues.
  • The Audi Authorized Dealer, with the Turkey’s first terminal concept showroom whose construction was started in 2009 November and completed in 2010 November, has been opened by ALDO Otomotiv under ALDO Group.
  • The DOD Indoor showroom, opened besides Mersin VW Opat Otomotiv in 2011, still continues to serve.
  •  ALDO Enerji, established in 2014, is an expert energy company that installs solar systems from small, medium and large-scale roofs to all types of land installations.
  • With the Veldo İklimlendirme Company, which entered service in 2015, the production of convectors, radiators and air conditioners for commercial vehicles continues in its factory in Istanbul.
  • Veldo construction, whose optimum static design and innovative design were completed by expert and qualified engineers in 2016, were produced by expert teams and the most technological machines and presented to the solar energy sector.