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The Best Is Yet To Come
Our Goals
Together with our clients, we are committed to building a greener future. Our projects are in line with the United Nation's Sustainability Goals.

Making cities sustainable includes investing in public transport, creating green public space, and improving urban management and planning in participatory ways.

For SDG 12, it is important to reduce the global food waste per capita at both the consumer and retailer levels in order to create more efficient production and supply chain.

We acknowledge that, in order to achieve SDG 7, investing in clean energy, increasing energy productivity and ensuring energy for everyone is vital.

Annual economic losses due to climate-related catastrophes amount to hundreds of billions. Global warming is causing lasting changes that could have irreversible effects if we don't take action.

54 Years Ago
we ventured into the unknown.
Operating within the ALDO Group, established in 1969, ALDO Energy began its journey in 2014 with the aim of serving in the solar energy sector by making use of creative and innovative solutions with its unique and experienced staff.

ALDO Energy provides materials and equipment for solar and wind power plants with its technical equipment and technical equipment, from small, medium and large scale roofs to different types of land, by conducting feasibility studies, supplying materials and equipment, system design and applications, installation and commissioning. It provides turnkey switchboard installation with purchasing services.
In Today's World
it's a whole new world.
We are more than aware that good energy has a monumental effect. That is why we take on projects that have the opportunity to provide cleaner power, better jobs, greater education, and a brighter future for our communities.

Our vision is to be one step ahead in changing and developing conditions, to meet customer expectations through creative services, to fulfill our responsibilities towards future generations, and to ensure sustainable growth. Together, we've learned that being the number one does not mean taking the easy route, it means taking the right one. As we grow and continue to face challenges, we will be on the front lines tackling the fight for better energy.
Towards a Greener Future
the age of renewable energy is here.
Our goals include creating a unique customer experience that will be remembered for life as a transparent business, fulfilling our duties to our country by making social and cultural contributions, and of course doing our part and more for a sustainable society with renewable energy.

We care about growing as a family and building the future together in our culture, where we respect and value all beliefs and ideas of everyone as their own. We are elated and proud as we continue to lead the way for Turkey to have a greener tomorrow.
A Message from the President
All countries of the world that are developing and open to development, just like our country; has lived through the ages of agriculture and industry and has turned its course to technological innovations and developments, especially in the area of Renewable Energy. The energy demand in the world is increasing by approximately 4-5% every year, while fossil fuel reserves that meet this need are being depleted much faster. While all energy sources are finite and limited, renewable energies never run out. Solar energy is one step ahead compared to other alternative sources such as wind and water due to its potential, ease of use, cleanliness and almost non-existent investment risks.

In addition, the solar efficiency potential stemming from the geographical location of our country, being among the leading countries in the world, has attracted the attention of investors and entrepreneurial companies, including our group, in recent years and has led to serious investments in this field.

In the sector in which we have been operating since 2014, we are progressing as the leading EPC company of the sector by completing projects over 350 MW, provided that our project development, turnkey roof and land SPP installations, our SPP infrastructure carrier construction production and all operational processes are done in-house.

In the upcoming period; it will be our most important priority to direct and manage our organization and our resources in the most effective way.

After all, as ALDO GROUP; in all our fields of activity, including the energy sector;

"We will always maintain our excitement to achieve permanent and sustainable success by continuing to run with the moral values and discipline of our group.

Wishing You Sunny Days,

Best Regards,

Haluk Veli DOGAN
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Aldo Enerji
I'd like to ask:
  • Who are Aldo Energy's clients?
  • What does the reporting look like?
  • Who participates in Aldo Energy's team?
  • What certificates does Aldo Energy have?
  • Who are Aldo Energy's clients?
  • What does the reporting look like?
  • Who participates in Aldo Energy's team?
  • What certificates does Aldo Energy have?