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Project Development


Your project is created with the works we will do in line with your demands and needs, and the most efficient system components are selected for your needs in terms of energy production of your facility. With these studies, our experts determine the details of the technical and logistic needs of your system and share them with you.

Thanks to the detailed data you will give us, the feasibility studies of the system are carried out and presented to you. In these reports, you can get information about all kinds of technical and financial matters before your investment and find answers to your questions.


  • Project feasibility.
  • Selection of products suitable for the project area.
  • Calculation of investment costs.
  • Calculation of investment depreciation time.
  • Financing options suitable for investment.
  • Investment incentives.
  • Management of the application process.

It summarizes the steps to be followed for both roof and land type projects in the project development process;

  1. Preparation of the required documents for application, making the application.
  2. Compilation and evaluation of the applications, submission of the invitation letter for the connection agreement.
  3. Approving the project, signing the connection and system usage agreement.
  4. Making the provisional acceptance of the production facility.
  5. Putting the production facility into operation.