Message of the Chairman

All the countries of the world that are open to development and developed with our country have lived through the ages of agriculture and industry and have turned their route to technological innovations and developments, especially the Renewable Energy sector. The energy need in the world increases approximately 4-5% every year. On the other hand, the fossil fuel reserve that meets this need is depleted much faster. While all energy sources are finite and limited, renewable energies are never exhausted. Solar energy is one step ahead of other alternative sources such as wind and water due to its potential, ease of use, cleanliness and almost negligible investment risks.

 In addition, the solar efficiency potential of our country due to its geographical location and its being among the leading countries in the world has attracted the attention of investor and entrepreneur companies, including our group, and caused serious investments to be made.

In the sector in which we have been operating since 2014, we are progressing as the industry’s leading EPC company by completing more than 200 MW of projects, provided that our project development, turnkey roof and land GES installations, as well as our GES infrastructure bearing construction production and all operational processes are carried out in-house.

 In the upcoming period, our most important priority will be to direct and manage our resources in the most effective way and our resources.

As a result, ALDO GROUP; In all our fields of activity including the energy sector;

  “We will always keep our excitement in order to achieve permanent and sustainable success by continuing to run with the moral values and discipline of our group.”

Wishing Sunny Days,

Love and respect,


Haluk Veli DOĞAN