“Aldo Energy is an expert EPC (Engineering, procurement, construction) company that installs solar energy systems from small, medium and large-scale roofs to different types of lands.

ALDO Energy carries out feasibility studies for solar energy systems with its technical equipment, supplies materials and equipment as well as engineering services, system design and applications, assembly and commissioning services and turnkey power plant installations. ALDO Energy, operating within the ALDO Group, which was established in 1980, will continue to serve in the solar energy sector by benefiting from creative and innovative solutions with its expert and experienced staff.”


Project Development

Tedaş Project Processes


We offer Engineering, Procurement, Planning, Logistics, Construction and Installation services, known as EPC, for the ideal design, planning, execution of works within the business schedule, and timely delivery and commissioning of the solar power plant system.

With the works we will do in line with your demands and needs, your project is created and the most efficient system components are selected for your needs in terms of energy production. With these studies, our experts determine the details of the technical and logistic needs of your system and share them with you.

We offer you all services from the preparation of the Tedaş project file suitable for your call letters to the commissioning and provisional acceptance of the system.

With our experienced and experienced professional team, we provide services to you in the installation of your solar systems that require attention and care, in all field conditions. We also keep all kinds of equipment and work machines required for installation at our disposal.



Aldo Energy, is engaged in the distribution and partnership of Gildemeister AG for Turkey and Middle East markets. GILDEMEISTER is one of the major companies owned by DMG Mori Holding, which has more than 140 production and sales networks and a service network in the world, and has installed more than 8000 power plants around the world. Energy storage systems, energy efficiency programs and vehicle charging stations for electric vehicles are produced with vanadium material, which is a first in the world. Sales and service network of these productions are carried out by Aldo Enerji.

Veldo Construction

ALDO Energy has kept its long-term experiences in the sector at the forefront in the construction R&D process, and has made it a mission to operate the system with minimum effort and maximum continuity. sunup most suitable products and services to a continuous difference and as a brand creates value young and dynamic team with our investors’ needs and expectations befitting anywhere in Turkey widely trusted and well-established history of providing the same quality service global leader in prestigious and industry have a duty to ourselves to be a company.


Failure, Maintenance and Repair

It is our service that enables the necessary actions to be taken with our expert technical staff following the detection of a possible negativity with the monitoring of the system.


Remote Monitoring and Control

By instant data transfer of system components, the operating status of the facility is updated and the operation of the system with maximum performance and security is monitored.


Periodical Examination and Supervision

In this service, possible malfunctions are detected in advance and financial losses are minimized.


Professional Reporting

It is a service that provides the coordination of the parties with the simplest, regular reports and clear and transparent technical and material data about the plant.