Aldo Energy, is engaged in the distribution and partnership of Gildemeister AG for Turkey and Middle East markets. GILDEMEISTER is one of the major companies owned by DMG Mori Holding, which has more than 140 production and sales networks and a service network in the world, and has installed more than 8000 power plants around the world. Energy storage systems, energy efficiency programs and vehicle charging stations for electric vehicles are produced with vanadium material, which is a first in the world. Sales and service network of these productions are carried out by Aldo Enerji.

The Cellcube energy storage system offers a significant amount of energy storage to its user. Thanks to the vanadium atom inside, the cell cubes can store energy up to 1.8MW in a single unit and deliver it to use with 100 percent performance for 20 years. The cycle of the storage system goes to eternity, because at the end of 20 years, after cleaning the vanadium in the storage system with special chemicals, its life increases by another 20 years.

In the battery system, while the performance of the batteries decreases every year and ends at the end of 3 years because of the charging and discharging, when you want to store 1.8MW of energy with batteries, a thousand square meters of space is needed. Cellcube can provide this energy in a container volume.